There are several things to remember to bring along with you when you are coming on an expedition with us.

To make packing a bit easier, we have drawn up a packing list, covering polar waters.

  • On board it’s smart to wear ordinary non-skidding shoes like sneakers
  • Bring one or several memory cards with a large capacity, and a hard drive if you are a keen photographer– there are sockets in the cabins to recharge photo equipment
  • The dress code aboard the ship is relaxed and casual and you are not expected to dress formally for meals
  • Bring a good pair of binoculars if you have
  • A small waterproof backpack is necessary for carrying essentials (or pack in a waterproof bag inside your ordinary backpack)
  • Please remember to bring your passport and a copy of it
  • Sun protection
  • Sunglasses with UV filter lenses
  • Lip salve with UV protection. Dry, cold wind and sun often cause chapped lips
  • Money in the correct currency or credit cards.
  • Remember to bring sufficient medication to last through any unforeseen delays
  • Warm insulating jacket
  • Wind and water proof jacket and trousers
  • Long thermal underwear and top (we recommend wool)
  • Warm cap or headband
  • Scarf or fleece tube
  • Warm woollen jumper and fleece jumper/jacket, remember layers are essential
  • Gloves and mittens, fleece and wool
  • Waterproof over mittens/gloves
  • Warm socks (we recommend wool)
  • Bring extra batteries for your camera, as battery life is shorter in cold areas
  • Shoes with good soles are recommended for outdoors, on deck, and for excursions ashore. Make sure they are worn-in walking boots. Solid rubber boots can also do it.
  • Seasickness medication for those who need it.
  • There is big warm suits on board that can be used on deck and in zodiacs.
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