Arctic Adventures can offer a great range of safety courses and support when it comes to safety and logistics. We are NF – approved (Norwegian Mountain Association) when it comes to Avalanche and Glacier courses.

Jens Abild has a 30 year background as an expedition leader and responsible for the safety and logistics on operations in The Antarctic and Arctic. He has also played a key role in developing and instructing field safety courses for scientist and technicians doing fieldwork in the Arctic and Antarctic. He is a NF (Norwegian mountain association) certified glacier- and avalanche instructor and sea ice-, polar bear safety and shooting instructor. 

During his work on Svalbard, The Arctic and Antarctic since 1993, Jens Abild has gained a unique knowledge of the environment and wildlife.

Arctic adventures can offer the following arctic safety courses:

  • Polar bear awareness with shooting
  • Sea ice travel and rescue (skis and snowmobile)
  • Glacier travel and rescue (skis, dogsledding and snowmobile)
  • Avalanche awareness and rescue 
  • Emergency camp
  • Snowmobile practical driving and safety
  • NF-approved glacier and avalanche courses

All our instructors are certified to the standards of the level they instruct.


Do you need assistance with your project we can offer great range of support.

We have heated tents with field beds for camps summer and winter. In the summertime you can use our boat for transport and as a mobile polar bear safe base for your projects.

We can also offer you consulting in your planning phase. 

Polar bear guards

Arctic Adventures can rent out polar bear guards for photographers, expedition cruises, skiing expeditions, film projects, ski mountaineering and trekking trips.

The customers must have all permits from The Governor according to the regulations.

The polar bear guards will have no responsibility whatsoever when it comes to the organization of the activity and permissions. There must be a responsible guide/expedition leader on the activity.

For example, there must be a responsible mountain guide on ski mountaineering trips, a responsible guide with all certification on boat trips etc.

Our polar bear guards are only responsible when it comes to decisions on polar bear safety.

All our polar bear guards, guides and expedition leaders have:

  • The necessary certifications and permits to do the job. 
  • Minimum a 3-day Polar bear awareness and shooting course.
  • Minimum one year on Svalbard as a student/guide
  • Rifles, signal pistols and first aid kit.
  • Passed the “Big game hunting shooting test” before the season.

Prices per hour:

Polar bear guard: 500,-

Prices per day:

Polar bear guard: 6000,-

Expedition leader can be rented on request and costs depend on the nature of the expedition.

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