Arctic Adventures is a locally based small, exclusive, and personal alternative to the bigger tour operators. As an independent company we are free to use all providers and since we are one of the first established companies in this field on Svalbard we can guarantee you an experience based on more than 30 years of experience and the best available activities. 

We are a very flexible small company and will be pleased to try to fulfill your wishes. Our focus is on genuine, unique, and safe experiences in small exclusive groups with highly skilled and experienced guides/instructors. 

Jens Abild who has more than 25 years of experience working with expeditions, safety and logistics in the Arctic and Antarctic, run and own the company.

All our guides/instructors are certified to a level according or similar to international standards to the activity they are guiding/instructing. They all live on Svalbard or has several years of experience from Svalbard, The Arctic and/or Antarctic. Through our long experience in this environment, we have established a broad network and are able to find guides/instructors in many languages.

Our aim is also to deliver the highest standards when it comes to equipment to ensure you the right foundation to spend time in comfort and be safe in this environment. As examples we can mention that you get the warmest snowmobile suit available, and all our snowmobiles have heated handles for both driver and passenger.

All in all we believe we offer better moments and unforgettable experiences with a little extra.

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