Svalbard is more or less 60% covered with glaciers. Many of these terminate with majestic blue glacier fronts into the sea. Calving into the fiords leaving small icebergs drifting around.

On this trip we will use the flexibility of being on a sailboat. This means that we will try to go where the weather and conditions are most favorable for our activity.

We are halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole. This trip is in a remote and wild environment with wildlife and glaciated peaks that offers unique experiences in fantastic surroundings. Traveling by sailboat among the majestic mountains and glaciers that rise from the sea, is an experience of a lifetime. In the fjords we will find countless peaks rising up to 1000 m from the sea, some beautiful glaciated peaks and huge glaciers that are only possible to reach by boat. Being your own small group with a captain and a guide onboard makes this a unique and personal experience.  If you want we will do glacier travel and hike some mountains. But since this is a private tour it is all up to you what you want to do as long as it is within our safety measures and time schedule. Being on a sailboat brings you close to nature, wildlife, and unbelievable scenery. The midnight sun is present at night and being out in the wilderness all day and night gives you endless opportunities to experience nice scenery and wildlife encounters compared to doing daytrips out of town. The sailboat is also a perfect polar bear safe base compared to sleeping in tents on land. The weather and conditions can change quickly on these latitudes. For this reason, we only use guides who have local knowledge of the area. This way we can offer a flexible program, with the best knowledge, as well as ensuring safety. Our captain has good local knowledge and experience to ensure a sailing trip you will never forget. 

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Private tour

Participant: 2500,- pr. participants

Length: 5 days with full board

Maximum capacity: 6 guests

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