An adventure into The Frozen Wonderland

Svalbard is one of the few places in the world where you can get this unique experience.

A rare opportunity to explorer one of the worlds frozen wonderland. Be a glaciologist for some hours and experience the wonders of being deep inside a glacier.

The tour starts when we pick you up at your hotel and bring you to our facilities. Here we will give you a short safety brief and then you’ll get equipment for the trip. We dress up in scooteroveralls, big winterboots, mittens, facemasks, and helmets. After an instruction in scooterdriving we head of towards the glacier two and two on the scooters. Now the adventure starts. We drive the snowscooters up the valley, through the glaciermoraine and up on the Longyear Glacier. After about 5 kilometers of driving we reach the entrance that covers the entrance of the icecave. When you enter the ice cave you’ll be surprised of the relatively warm air that meets you. The heat comes from the inner of the glacier that is actually warmer than the outside in normal winters. We get headlamps and make ourselves ready to descend into The Frozen Wonderland.

After descending some meters down a ladder we find ourselves walking on the bottom of a meltwater tunnel where there is a river running in the summertime. Now in the wintertime we are in a magical frozen world of icicles and sparkling crystals. It is impossible not to be amased when you find yourself surrounded by ice more than a thousand years old. We will go deeper into the glacier and spend about an hour exploring this wonderland.

There will be enough time to take photos and admire the various ice formations before we head back up. We’ll have a hot drink and a snack before we take the ride down the glacier. While driving back to civilization we’ll have the chance to see Aurora Borealis when it is still dark and if the conditions are favourable and we’ll have a magnificent view of the town and the surrounding mountains in the light season.

Children will enjoy this adventure. It is not for those who have claustophobia, back- or mobility problems. If you do not have a drivers license you’ll be passenger on a snowscooter or in a passenger sledge. All participants holding a valid drivers license to either car, motorbike or snowscooter will get the opportunity to drive snowscooter at least one way.

Additional information


Adults: 950,-NOK

Children: 475,-NOK (12 years and younger)

Minimum age is 8 years (we do arrange trips for families with younger children – please contact us)

Do you want a private trip please contact us for arrangement

Duration: 4 hours

The trip is approximately 4 hours from pick up to drop off at your accomodation.

Included in the trip:

  • Snowmobile transport (two on each scooter or as a passenger in a sledge)
  • Full snowmobile equipment (snowmobile suit, boots, mittens, balaclava, helmet/goggles)
  • Fuel
  • Search and rescue insurance (all participants must have a valid travel insurance)
  • Guide with safety equipment
  • Headlamp
  • Crampons if necessary
  • Hot drinks and snacks

Snowmobile driving:

If you want to drive snowscooter you must bring a valid drivers license to either car, motor bike or snowscooter. Instruction in how to drive a snowmobile will be given before start.

If you don’t have a drivers license you’ll be passenger on a snowscooter or in our passenger sledge.

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