Why you should choose Arctic Adventures

March 30, 2023

Arctic Adventures is owned and run by Jens Abild, who in 1993 started his career on Svalbard at Arctic Wilderness Experience, one of the first outdoor adventure companies on Svalbard.

In 2002 he took over the company and changed the name to Arctic Adventures.

Jens Abild has more than 30 years of experience working with expeditions, rescue, safety and logistics in the Arctic and Antarctic.

We have organized various kinds of expeditions with boat, dogs, kayaks, on skis, on foot and with snowmobiles all over Svalbard summer and winter, since the early nineties.

We have also supported several photo and film projects as well as scientific expeditions with safety and logistics in the field.


Arctic Adventures, Svalbard is one of a few independent outdoor adventure companies in Longyearbyen. We prefer to be independent and free to choose who we want to cooperate with.

We are not tied by any agreements so when it comes to restaurants, accommodation, or activities we don’t do ourselves we can choose the best available to suit your wishes. If one company can’t deliver what you wish we can freely choose the next on our list of the best companies in town.

Small, Exclusive and Personal

We are a very flexible small company specialized on private groups such as families, friends, couples, or companies that are looking for something special.

We will be pleased to customize your experience to fulfill your wishes.

Our aim is also to deliver the highest standards when it comes to equipment to ensure that you will be safe and comfortable in this environment.  For snowmobile trips you get the warmest snowmobile suit available, and all our snowmobiles have heated handles for both driver and passenger.

Our focus is on genuine, unique, and safe experiences in exclusive groups with highly skilled and experienced guides/instructors as reflected in our reviews and score on Tripadvisor.

Certified Guides

All our guides/instructors are certified to a level according to standards for the activity they are guiding/instructing. 

They all live on Svalbard or has several years of experience from Svalbard, The Arctic and/or Antarctic.

Through our long experience in this environment, we have established a broad network and are able to find guides/instructors in many languages.

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